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Adrian Lyons FRSA


Adrian is working with a range of institutions including SCITTs, Universities, MATs and local authorities to support their provision and help to improve their impact on students and trainee teachers. He brings his insights and experience gained from over 16 years as an HMI - nearly 20 years all together as an inspector, and previously a trainer and course director for DfE training for performance management advisors and threshold assessors (remember them? ). He is also a trustee / director of his subject association the Economics, Business & Enterprise Association (EBEA).

Adrian stood down from being an HMI on September 27th 2021 after over 16 years in that role. His key skills are:

1. Excellent project management outcomes – several years of experience driving complex projects such as leading Ofsted's 2019 research on the initial teacher training curriculum and leading the 2016 landmark research, 'Getting Ready for Work' or its 2019 research on the initial teacher education curriculum. These projects have required an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

2. Expert in inspection, curriculum development, training, school improvement, and economics, business, financial and enterprise education. Membership of advisory groups such as Lord Young's report on Enterprise Education, the Money Advice Service, the Business Department's enterprise expert group.


3. Making secure judgments grounded in solid evidence used to report to diverse audiences including parliamentary committees. This leads to my producing authoritative reports and editing and quality assuring the work of others.


4. An energizing and inspiring management style – championing my team, empowering them and unlocking their potential while pushing for the highest standards and representing the voice of children in all decision making. This is exemplified by the success of those I have mentored. A key skill is forming and leading productive and loyal teams very quickly.

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